Site Contributors

Students from the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina have been, and continue to be the lead contributors to this site. Students within the Faculty of Education take part in Treaty Education workshops, have important conversations around Treaty Education and its place in our communities and our classrooms, and actively research, create and implement lesson plans and initiatives that encourage authentic integration of Treaties and First Nations teachings into our schools.

Major site contributors:

12439428_1541499072817712_1185734313852153294_nUR STARS – University of Regina Students & Teachers Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive Society

UR STARS is a student-run society at the University of Regina, and consists mainly of students from the Faculty of Education, and works quite closely to align with the goals and needs of the Faculty to provide students, professors, and teachers within the Regina and surrounding areas with opportunities for workshops, discussions and growth in the area of Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive educational initiatives.

ECS 311 Middle Years Cohort Winter 2016

The Middle Years Education cohort of Winter 2016 is a tight-knit group of pre-service teachers who are constantly exploring ways to better serve, lead, and encourage youth in the classroom. As part of an ongoing inquiry project in ECS 311, the students collaboratively created many resource packages designed to help teachers make authentic connections to Treaty Education throughout all subject areas in all of the middle years grades.